What is Exiled Policy?

Exiled Policy is a passion project of Jason Pye that’s rooted in classical liberal thought. A Georgia native and a current Virginia resident, Jason is a lobbyist and public policy professional with more than a decade of experience in Washington, DC. Having gained a reputation for his ability to connect with people regardless of their background or political views and his fact-based approach to public policy, Jason created Exiled Policy as a way to write about hot-button issues in the news, on social media, or overheard in conversation.

Although Jason is a classical liberal in terms of his political philosophy, he is politically homeless. He is an avid fan of the Atlanta Braves and University of Georgia sports teams. For hobbies, Jason writes and records music and, although he is an agnostic atheist, studies biblical scholarship. He currently resides near Richmond, Virginia and regularly visits Washington, DC for work.

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Rants of a politically homeless classical liberal


Jason works in public policy advocacy for a living. He writes about issues at Exiled Policy from a classically liberal perspective. The opinions here reflect only his views.